Definition of Trichostema lanceolatum

1. Noun. Aromatic plant of western United States.

Exact synonyms: Camphorweed, Turpentine Camphor Weed, Vinegarweed
Generic synonyms: Blue Curls

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Literary usage of Trichostema lanceolatum

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Flora of the State of Washington by Charles Vancouver Piper (1906)
"Trichostema lanceolatum Benth. Lab. 659. 1835-36. TYPE LOCALITY: "Prope arcem Vancouver in siccis ad flumen Multnomah et in Nova Cali. furnia. ..."

2. California Plants in Their Homes: A Botanical Reader for Children by Alice Merritt Davidson (1898)
"... and so is Trichostema lanceolatum, Benth., the disagreeably scented blue-curls. Trichostema lanatum, Benth., the woolly blue-curls, is a pleasantly ..."

3. The American Botanist edited by Willard Nelson Clute (1907)
"One that fairly dyes the dry plains blue in many spots is a species of blue curls (Trichostema lanceolatum)—a bushy annual with the curious curled stamens ..."

4. The Wild Flowers of California: Their Names, Haunts, and Habits by Mary Elizabeth Parsons (1906)
"Trichostema lanceolatum, Benth. Mint Family. Glandular and pubescent weeds one or two feet high; branching from Ihe base. Leases.—Opposite; sessile; crowded ..."

5. Muhlenbergia: A Journal of Botany edited by Amos Arthur Heller, Patrick Beveridge Kennedy (1907)
"... Trichostema lanceolatum Benth. Dry roadside near the summit of Black mountain, Novem* her 10 ..."

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