Definition of Turkish delight

1. Noun. A jellied candy typically flavored with rose water.

Generic synonyms: Candy, Confect

Definition of Turkish delight

1. Noun. A soft, sticky confection made from starch and sugar with various flavourings ¹

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Literary usage of Turkish delight

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Useful Plants of Japan Described and Illustrated by Dai Nihon Nōkai (1895)
"... cakes, and ame (a kind of Turkish delight) are made of this grain. The straw of this rice owing to its softness and easy manipulation is used to make ..."

2. The Tomahawk: A Saturday Journal of Satire edited by Arthur William A'Beckett (1867)
""LUMPS FOR Turkish delight." IT is at length officially announced that the Sultan of Turkey will pay a visit to the metropolis during the course of next ..."

3. Library World (1906)
"Asked what he meant by the lollipop and Turkish delight functions, ... seriously advocated, the employment of spongers, if Turkish delight and other ..."

4. Fairy Tale Plays by Marguerite Merington (1916)
"O Lump of Turkish delight! O blade of my bright scimitar! A camel am I in your sight, A slave to the houri you are, O Lump of Turkish delight! ..."

5. St. Nicholas by Mary Mapes Dodge (1909)
"Then, one day, among the tourists who visited the garden, was a man who fed you with candy—'Turkish delight,' very likely—and wished to buy you. ..."

6. The Best Short Stories of ... and the Yearbook of the American Short Story edited by [Anonymus AC02789944] (1919)
"Or you can have Turkish delight or a pastry dusted with powdered sugar. ... Minetti ordered Turkish delight. The girl wiped some moisture from the marble ..."

7. Following Aslan: A Book of Devotions for Children by Kenneth R. McIntosh (2006)
"Here is a recipe for Turkish delight you could make with your parents. (Don't worry, this isn't enchanted Turkish delight! ..."

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