Definition of A la carte

1. Noun. A menu having individual dishes listed with separate prices.

Generic synonyms: Bill Of Fare, Card, Carte, Carte Du Jour, Menu

2. Adjective. (of a restaurant meal) having unlimited choices with a separate price for each item.
Antonyms: Table D'hote

3. Adverb. By ordering items listed individually on a menu. "We ate a la carte"

Definition of A la carte

1. Adverb. Normal spelling of à la carte; on the menu. ¹

2. Adjective. (context: Food and drink) allowing selection from a fixed list of individually priced options shown on the menu ¹

3. Adverb. By ordering individually priced items from the menu ¹

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Literary usage of A la carte

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. How to Read by John Barrett Kerfoot (1916)
"CHAPTER IX THE COSMOS a la carte I THERE is a simple yet dramatic experiment in elemental physics with which we are all more or less familiar. ..."

2. Adventure Guide by Heather Stimmler-Hall (2004)
"a la carte vs. Le Menu English words that look like French words but mean ... Americans usually know that a la carte means "from the menu," therefore la ..."

3. Rider's New York City and Vicinity, Including Newark, Yonkers and Jersey by Fremont Rider, Frederic Taber Cooper, Mary Alden Hopkins (1916)
"a la carte. Specialties oysters and fish. Fifth Avenue Restaurant. ... Formerly the only restaurant with an all-night license. a la carte. ..."

4. National Admissions to Substance Abuse Treatment Services: The Treatment by Barbara Ray, Richard Thoreson, Leigh Henderson, Marianna Toce (1998)
"The study finds that schools are apparently using some of the excess reimbursement to subsidize a la carte food sales, including the sales of food to adults ..."

5. The Four Million by O. Henry (1906)
"SPRINGTIME a la carte IT was a day in March. Never, never begin a story this way when you write one. No opening could possibly be worse. ..."

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