Definition of Abaca

1. Noun. A kind of hemp obtained from the abaca plant in the Philippines.

Exact synonyms: Manila Hemp, Manilla Hemp
Generic synonyms: Hemp

2. Noun. Philippine banana tree having leafstalks that yield Manila hemp used for rope and paper etc.
Exact synonyms: Manila Hemp, Musa Textilis
Generic synonyms: Banana, Banana Tree

Definition of Abaca

1. n. The Manila-hemp plant (Musa textilis); also, its fiber. See Manila hemp under Manila.

Definition of Abaca

1. Noun. A species of banana tree native to the Philippines grown for its textile and papermaking fibre (''Musa textilis''), and also called Manila hemp. ¹

2. Noun. The fiber of this plant, used in rope. ¹

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Definition of Abaca

1. a Philippine plant [n -S]

Medical Definition of Abaca

1. The Manila hemp plant (Musa textilis); also, its fibre. Origin: The native name. (19 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Abaca

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Philippine Islands by Ramon Reyes Lala (1898)
"DESCRIPTION OF THE abaca. FIRST and foremost among the useful plants of the ... The native name for the plant is abaca. In appearance it is not easy to ..."

2. Official Catalogue of Exhibitors Panama-Pacific International Exposition - (1915)
"Apparatus for cleaning and stripping abaca (Manila hemp). ... Balls and bobbins of knotted abaca (Manila hemp) and braided abaca. MacLeod & Co. Manila. ..."

3. Travels in the Philippines by Fedor Jagor (1875)
"abaca, OR MANILLA HEMP. ONE of the most interesting productions of the island is Manilla hemp, so called by the French; but hardly any use is made of it. ..."

4. A Descriptive Dictionary of the Indian Islands & Adjacent Countries by John Crawfurd (1856)
"and abaca, and it has good pastures for rearing horses and oxen. The abundant forests of its mountains yield good timber for ship-building, ..."

5. The Industrial Resources, Etc., of the Southern and Western States by James Dunwoody Brownson De Bow (1852)
"... I might mention a great variety ; but I will notice only the New Zealand flax, and the abaca, ..."

6. Annals of Botany by Carl Dietrich Eberhard König, John Sims (1806)
"Account of a new Species of Plantain, called abaca % from the ... abaca f is a name which the natives of the Philippine islands apply bolh to the vegetable ..."

7. A Descriptive Dictionary of British Malaya by Nicholas Belfield Dennys (1894)
"trade may be said to be almost coeval with the foundation of the Settlement, or to have appeared in consequence of its existence, such as the abaca or ..."

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