Definition of Academic term

1. Noun. The time during which a school holds classes. "They had to shorten the school term"

Exact synonyms: Academic Session, School Term, Session
Group relationships: Academic Year, School Year
Generic synonyms: Term
Specialized synonyms: Summer School, Semester, Trimester, Quarter

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Literary usage of Academic term

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Communism in Americaby Henry Ammon James by Henry Ammon James (1879)
"The subject shall be publicly announced on or before the first day of the second academic term of the present collegiate year, and hereafter within the ..."

2. Merit Rollby College of the City of New York (1866-1926) by College of the City of New York (1866-1926) (1865)
"SECOND academic term, FEBRUARY TO .11 1Л, 1867. On the Merit Roll the Students are classified as Highest, High, Good, and Low. ..."

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