Definition of Accounting entry

1. Noun. A written record of a commercial transaction.

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Literary usage of Accounting entry

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Municipal Accounting by De Witt Carl Eggleston (1914)
"MUNICIPAL ACCOUNTING Entry No. 53 Police Pension Fund Cash ...................... $1000 Police Pension Fund Surplus ........... $1000 Amount given to the ..."

2. Bituminous Coal Mine Accounting by William Blose Reed (1922)
"... $1000 being a portion of the original value and $1000 a portion of the appreciation, the accounting entry will be as follows: Dr. Cr. Depletion $2000.00 ..."

3. Accounting Practice: A Comprehensive Statement of Accounting Principles and by Leo Greendlinger, John William Schulze (1914)
"There is an unwarranted tendency to slight the explanatory part of an accounting entry for the sake of brevity. It should be established at the outset as an ..."

4. Tax Co-Operation: Towards a Level Playing Field by OECD (2006)
"It must be possible at all times to control the completeness of the accounting entry posting and form an overall picture of the events, balance and result ..."

5. Crown Cases Reserved for Consideration, and Decided by the Judges of England by Henry Richard Dearsly, Thomas Bell, Great Britain Court of King's Bench (1858)
"(Embezzlement. 7^8 Geo. 4. c. 29. s. 47. Evidence. Accounting. Entry to credit of Customer in Ledger) . . .118 Lister and Biggs. (Nuisance. Misdemeanor. ..."

6. The Upper Canada Law Journal and Local Courts Gazette by Canadian Bar Association (1855)
"Лог. 15: Embezzlement—Evidence—Accounting—Entry in Ledger— 7 $ 8 Geo. IV, cap. 29, »ec. 47. is entering judgment, so that the judgment be not fully signed. ..."

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