Definition of Acid-loving

1. Adjective. Thriving in a relatively acidic environment (especially of plants requiring a pH well below 7).

Category relationships: Flora, Plant, Plant Life
Similar to: Acidophilic, Acidophilous, Aciduric
Antonyms: Alkaline-loving

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Literary usage of Acid-loving

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Industrial Chemistry: A Manual for the Student and Manufacturer by Allen Rogers (1920)
"Newly graded or reclaimed land. Old pastures where there is no white clover. Peat and other sour soils that are invested with acid-loving plants. ..."

2. The Mycology of the Mouth: A Text-book of Oral Bacteria by Sir Kenneth Weldon Goadby (1903)
"... is another of these acid-loving organisms. The mouth bacteria all prefer a somewhat alkaline medium, most of them refusing to develop in the presence of ..."

3. Torreya by Torrey Botanical Club (1920)
"Mr. Bird became interested in this problem as a means of keeping various acid-loving plants alive to serve as insect-food. ..."

4. Transactions of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science by George Woodyatt Hastings, Andrew Edgar, Charles Wager Ryalls, Edwin Pears (1877)
"... and to such an extent that the last roots of grass are removed from large portions near the town, and the most acid-loving mosses have disappeared; ..."

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