Definition of Acid head

1. Noun. Someone who takes LSD.

Generic synonyms: Head

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Literary usage of Acid head

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Technology of Cellulose Esters: A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on the by Edward Chauncey Worden (1921)
"The reservoir for this weak acid, the mixer, and the strong acid head tank, are mounted on a platform in the center of the building at a sufficient height ..."

2. Homœopathic therapeutics by Samuel Lilienthal (1879)
"Carbolic acid. Head swimming, staggering as if he were drunk ; brain feels confused and painful; vertigo with trembling; expansive pain in the head, ..."

3. The Farmer's Dictionary: A Vocabulary of the Technical Terms Recently by Daniel Pereira Gardner (1846)
"'es> resembling the lactic acid. head, the gills disposed in animals, as the corals, corallines, bands, as oysters. i sponges. ..."

4. Industrial Chemistry: A Manual for the Student and Manufacturer by Allen Rogers (1920)
"Stoneware pumps have not this objection, but are hardly safe to use above 30 Ibs. pressure or 40 ft. acid-head. Centrifugal pumps, arranged in stages, ..."

5. Headaches and Their Concomitant Symptoms: With a Complete and Concise by John C. King (1879)
"... sensation in head and face, bapt., graph. Numb sensation in head and hands, fluor. acid. Head feels as if gone to sleep, apis, coni. General Sensations. ..."

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