Definition of Acoustic power

1. Noun. The physical intensity of sound.

Exact synonyms: Sound Pressure Level
Generic synonyms: Intensity, Intensity Level, Strength

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Literary usage of Acoustic power

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. From Latin to Spanish by Paul M. Lloyd (1987)
"Since in general there is a tendency to begin syllables at a point of minimum acoustic power and then to reach maximum power in the nucleus, the transition ..."

2. Roadside Noise Abatement by OECD Staff (1995)
"... as mentioned earlier, on the acoustic power emitted by vehicles and by any phenomena affecting the sound waves (amplification and/or attenuation) during ..."

3. Summarized Proceedings ... and a Directory of Members by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1885)
"before it again resumes its acoustic power. Consequently sandy beaches do not always possess the sonorous power in equal measure, and the seeker sometimes ..."

4. Iron: An Illustrated Weekly Journal for Iron and Steel Manufacturers edited by Sholto Percy, Perry Fairfax Nursey (1848)
"I believe that practically, within limits, such a degree of acoustic power can be got that several instruments can be worked by one conductor, that is, ..."

5. Directory of Federal Laboratory and Technology Resources: A Guide to (1993)
"The reverberation chamber measures total acoustic power spectrum of a source. The human-response laboratories include an exterior effects room, ..."

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