Definition of Actives

1. Noun. (plural of active) ¹

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Definition of Actives

1. active [n] - See also: active

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Literary usage of Actives

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. English Prose and Poetry (1137-1892) by John Matthews Manly (1916)
"But when an even flame two hearts did touch, His office was indulgently to fit actives to passives. Correspondency Only his subject was; it cannot be Love ..."

2. The Civil Code of the Province of Quebec, Annotated, Containing the French by Québec (Province), Jean Joseph Beauchamp (1904)
"II g'y agit des créances actives et passives entre le substituant et le grevé, et de la nature temporaire, quant u l'appelé, de la 967. ..."

3. The Mining World Index of Current Literature by George E Sisley (1914)
"RADIUM AND RADIO-actives See al»o Uranium. Cameron, AT—Recent Work on the Transmutation of Elements.—Radium, June, 1913; p 3; 1800 w; July, 1913; ..."

4. Conscription System in Japan by Gōtarō Ogawa (1921)
"found that their figures are very near those of Kyoto, as is evident from the following comparison: I. BETWEEN KYOTO AND ISHIKAWA PREFECTURES (1907) actives ..."

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