Definition of Ad campaign

1. Noun. An organized program of advertisements.

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Literary usage of Ad campaign

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Prevention Plus III: Assessing Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention Programs at by Jean A. Linney, Abraham Wandersman (1993)
"No-Use Poster Contest ad campaign Part A: Make a list of the primary goals of the program. Ask yourself: "What were we trying to accomplish? ..."

2. Report of the Congressional Committees Investigating the Iran/Contra Affair by Lee H. Hamilton, Daniel K. Inouye (1995)
"... wrote a letter to Channell describing their achievement: By design, we launched the four-week national television ad campaign in Washington, DC, ..."

3. Police Practices and Civil Rights in New York City: A Report of the United edited by Mary Frances Berry (2000)
"Penn, Schoen and Berland Associates conducted a research program that: established benchmarks for evaluating the ad campaign's success; assessed the ..."

4. U.s. Army's Transition to the All-volunteer Force, 1868-1974 by Robert K. Griffith, John Wyndham (FRW) Mountcastle, Robert K. Griffith, Jr. (1997)
"April and, while the committee continued to express reservations about the ad campaign, the resolution was not pushed thereafter.21 The issue, however, ..."

5. Harper's Encyclopædia of United States History from 458 A.D. to 1902: Based by Benson John Lossing, John Fiske, Woodrow Wilson (1901)
"Thomas estimated his entire loss in his On the morning of the 10th Wood ad- campaign, from Sept. 7, 1864, to Jan. vanced. forced back Hood's skirmishers 20, ..."

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