Definition of Affinities

1. Noun. (plural of affinity) ¹

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Definition of Affinities

1. affinity [n] - See also: affinity

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Literary usage of Affinities

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Elements of Experimental Chemistry by William Henry, Robert Hare (1819)
"In all cases similar to the foregoing, Mr Kirwan conceives that we may trace the operation of two distinct series of affinities. The affinities tending to ..."

2. The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin (1909)
"CHAPTER XIV MUTUAL affinities OF ORGANIC BEINGS: MORPHOLOGY: EMBRYOLOGY: RUDIMENTARY ORGANS Classification, groups subordinate to groups—Natural ..."

3. Report of the Annual Meeting (1879)
"On the Botanical affinities of the Carboniferous ... Adopting the processes by which we ascertain the affinities of any newly discovered plant, ..."

4. Art in America by Frederick Fairchild Sherman (1918)
"do better to turn to the question of their affinities to the rest of Sienese ... And yet it is as easy to discover affinities with Pietro Lorenzetti, ..."

5. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London by Royal Society (Great Britain) (1856)
"Having been for some time engaged in examining the structure and affinities of some fossil fruits of the coal formation, included under the name ..."

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