Definition of Agaric

1. Noun. Fungus used in the preparation of punk for fuses.

Exact synonyms: Fomes Igniarius
Generic synonyms: Fungus
Group relationships: Fomes, Genus Fomes

2. Noun. A saprophytic fungus of the order Agaricales having an umbrellalike cap with gills on the underside.
Generic synonyms: Basidiomycete, Basidiomycetous Fungi
Group relationships: Agaricales, Order Agaricales
Specialized synonyms: Mushroom, Mushroom, Toadstool, Agaricus Arvensis, Horse Mushroom, Agaricus Campestris, Field Mushroom, Meadow Mushroom, Amanita Caesarea, Caesar's Agaric, Royal Agaric, Amanita Mappa, False Deathcap, Amanita Muscaria, Fly Agaric, Amanita Phalloides, Death Angel, Death Cap, Death Cup, Destroying Angel, Amanita Rubescens, Blusher, Blushing Mushroom, Amanita Verna, Destroying Angel, Cantharellus Cibarius, Chantarelle, Chanterelle, Cantharellus Floccosus, Floccose Chanterelle, Cantharellus Clavatus, Pig's Ears, Cantharellus Cinnabarinus, Cinnabar Chanterelle, Jack-a-lantern, Jack-o-lantern, Jack-o-lantern Fungus, Omphalotus Illudens, Coprinus Atramentarius, Inky Cap, Inky-cap Mushroom, Coprinus Comatus, Shaggy Cap, Shaggymane, Shaggymane Mushroom, Lactarius Delicioso, Milkcap, Fairy-ring Mushroom, Marasmius Oreades, Oyster Agaric, Oyster Fungus, Oyster Mushroom, Pleurotus Ostreatus, Olive-tree Agaric, Pleurotus Phosphoreus, Pholiota Astragalina, Golden Pholiota, Pholiota Aurea, Pholiota Destruens, Pholiota Flammans, Pholiota Flavida, Nameko, Pholiota Nameko, Viscid Mushroom, Pholiota Squarrosa-adiposa, Pholiota Squarrosa, Scaly Pholiota, Pholiota Squarrosoides, Stropharia Ambigua, Stropharia Hornemannii, Stropharia Rugoso-annulata, Entoloma Lividum, Entoloma Sinuatum, Entoloma Aprile, Chlorophyllum Molybdites, Lepiota, Lepiota Procera, Parasol Mushroom, Blewits, Clitocybe Nuda, Sandy Mushroom, Tricholoma Populinum, Tricholoma Pessundatum, Tricholoma Sejunctum, Man-on-a-horse, Tricholoma Flavovirens, Tricholoma Venenata, Tricholoma Pardinum, Tricholoma Vaccinum, Tricholoma Aurantium, Pluteus Aurantiorugosus, Pluteus Magnus, Sawdust Mushroom, Deer Mushroom, Pluteus Cervinus, Chinese Mushroom, Straw Mushroom, Volvariella Volvacea, Volvariella Bombycina, Clitocybe Clavipes, Clitocybe Dealbata, Clitocybe Inornata, Clitocybe Robusta, Clytocybe Alba, Clitocybe Irina, Lepista Irina, Tricholoma Irinum, Clitocybe Subconnexa, Flammulina Velutipes, Winter Mushroom, Waxycap, Cortinarius Armillatus, Cortinarius Atkinsonianus, Cortinarius Corrugatus, Cortinarius Gentilis, Cortinarius Mutabilis, Purple-staining Cortinarius, Cortinarius Semisanguineus, Cortinarius Subfoetidus, Cortinarius Violaceus, Gymnopilus Spectabilis, Gymnopilus Validipes, Gymnopilus Ventricosus, Shoestring Fungus, Armillaria Caligata, Booted Armillaria, Armillaria Ponderosa, White Matsutake, Armillaria Zelleri, Armillariella Mellea, Honey Fungus, Honey Mushroom

Definition of Agaric

1. n. A fungus of the genus Agaricus, of many species, of which the common mushroom is an example.

Definition of Agaric

1. Noun. Any of various fungi of the family ''Agaricaceae'', having umbrella-like caps with numerous gills beneath. ¹

2. Noun. The dried mushroom used in medicine. ¹

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Definition of Agaric

1. any of a family of fungi [n -S]

Medical Definition of Agaric

1. 1. A fungus of the genus Ag, of many species, of which the common mushroom is an example. 2. An old name for severwal species of Polyporus, corky fungi growing on decaying wood. The "female agaric" (Polyporus officinalic) was renowned as a cathartic; the "male agaric" (Polyporus igniarius) is used for preparing touchwood, called punk of German tinder. Agaric mineral, a light, chalky deposit of carbonate of lime, sometimes called rock milk, formed in caverns or fissures of limestone. Origin: L. Agaricum, Gr, said to be fr. Agara, a town in Sarmatia. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Agaric

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Chemical Works of Caspar Neumann ...: Abridged and Methodized : with by Caspar Neumann, William Lewis (1773)
"There are two kinds of it, called by the ancients Mas and i-'emina. The male agaric is dark-coloured, hard, heavy and woody : It is ..."

2. A System of Mineralogy: In which Minerals are Arranged According to the by ROBERT. JAMESON (1820)
"agaric Mineral, Nap. p. 333. Id. Lam. p. 331—Lait de Montagne, ou l'agaric Mineral, Brach, t ip 519-—Chaux carbonatée spongieuse, ..."

3. An Arrangement of British Plants: According to the Latest Improvement of the by William Withering (1830)
"(BROWN SATINY agaric. E.) Found by Mr. Stackhouse at Pendarvis. Aug. AG. AURAN'TIUS. Gills loose, pinky flesh colour, four in a set: pileus pale pink: stem ..."

4. The History of the County of Derby by Stephen Glover (1829)
"... common procerus, tall agaric, hedge banks and dry pastures muscarius, fly agaric, ... deadly agaric, borders of pools Listen, bitter agaric piperatus, ..."

5. Contributions Towards a Fauna and Flora of the County of Cork by J. R. Harvey, Thomas C. Power, John D. Humphreys, Cuvierian Society of Cork (1845)
"Glanmire and Lota woods.—rare 723. A. giganteus, Sow. Giant agaric. Lota wood, Cork, growing in rings fifteen feet in diameter, November.—rather rare. 724. ..."

6. King's American Dispensatory by John King, Harvey Wickes Felter, John Uri Lloyd (1905)
"White agaric (agaricus albus) is in masses varying from the size of an ... The various medicinal substances, included under the elastic name agaric, ..."

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