Definition of Age limit

1. Noun. Regulation establishing the maximum age for doing something or holding some position.

Generic synonyms: Ordinance, Regulation

Definition of Age limit

1. Noun. A restriction placed on an activity based on the age of the participants; either lower or higher limit. ¹

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Literary usage of Age limit

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Maintaining Budgetary Discipline: Spending and Revenue Options edited by Sherry Snyder (1999)
"This option would raise from 14 to 18 the age limit below which a child's investment income is taxed at parents' rates. It would increase income tax ..."

2. The New Larned History for Ready Reference, Reading and Research: The Actual by Josephus Nelson Larned, Augustus Hunt Shearer (1922)
"Sixteen has also been adopted as the age limit in Germany. ... Cases where the age limit for exclusion is 18 for girls and 16 for boys are found in Greece, ..."

3. Principles of Labor Legislation by John Rogers Commons, John Bertram Andrews (1920)
"Because of the additional moral danger to girls the age limit for them is usually ... Suggestions have frequently been made that a uniform age limit for all ..."

4. Library Journal by American Library Association, Library Association (1906)
"36 have no age limit for using reading room nor for drawing books. ... 16 make a definite age limit. 2 of these do not loan books to children who are below ..."

5. Problems of Child Welfare by George Benjamin Mangold (1914)
"The proper minimum age limit varies with changing social and industrial ... In the United States the fourteenth birthday has become an accepted age limit. ..."

6. Popular Law-making: A Study of the Origin, History, and Present Tendencies by Frederic Jesup Stimson (1910)
"And the age limit fixed for such general employment is (without regard to schooling) under twelve, in Idaho and Maryland; under fourteen in Delaware, ..."

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