Definition of Air pressure

1. Noun. The pressure exerted by the atmosphere.

Definition of Air pressure

1. Noun. atmospheric pressure ¹

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Medical Definition of Air pressure

1. The force per unit area that the air exerts on any surface in contact with it. Primarily used for articles pertaining to air pressure within a closed environment. (12 Dec 1998)

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Literary usage of Air pressure

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Transactions by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (1916)
"46 The partial air pressure thus remains equal to 0.124 and the partial vapor pressure is 0.852—0.124 = 0.728 in. This pressure corresponds to a steam ..."

2. The U. S. Coal Industry, 1970-1990: Two Decades of Change (1992)
"The pilot valve second stage also has been used with a number of regulators; it incorporates an air supply valve that is opened and closed by air pressure ..."

3. Proceedings (1889)
"The following Papers were read and discussed:— ON THE air pressure IN SEWERS. BY JOHN PETREE, BOROUGH SURVEYOR, JARROW. IT is not my intention to advocate ..."

4. Journal of the American Chemical Society by American Chemical Society (1914)
"To this apparent depression is added the air pressure in the system, subsequently determined by means of the McLeod gage, after absorption of the water ..."

5. Dyke's Automobile and Gasoline Engine Encyclopedia by Andrew Lee Dyke (1920)
"If a height could be reached where there is no air pressure at all, then the mercury would drop the full 30 inches, or to the level of mercury in bulb, ..."

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