Definition of Alan alexander milne

1. Noun. English writer of stories for children (1882-1956).

Exact synonyms: A. A. Milne, Milne
Generic synonyms: Author, Writer

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Literary usage of Alan alexander milne

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Modern Essays by Christopher Morley (1921)
"alan alexander milne was born in 1882, went to Trinity College. Cambridge; was editor of The Crania (the leading undergraduate publication at Cambridge at ..."

2. The Best Plays by Burns Mantle, Louis Kronenberger (1899)
""The Dover Road," by alan alexander milne. Published by Samuel French, New York. "Ambush," by Arthur Richman. "The Nest," by Paul Geraldy and Grace George. ..."

3. Contemporary British Literature: Bibliographies and Study Outlines by John Matthews Manly, Edith Rickert (1921)
"alan alexander milne—dramatist, essayist. Born 1882. Scotch. Educated at Westminster School and Cambridge. Began journalism in 1903. ..."

4. One-act Plays by Modern Authors by Helen Louise Cohen (1921)
"alan alexander milne was born January 18, 1882. He was a student at Westminster School, the library of which is familiar ground to every reader of Irving's ..."

5. The Dramatic Index for ...: Covering Articles and Illustrations Concerning edited by Anne C. Sutherland, Frederick Winthrop Faxon, Mary Estella Bates (1921)
"alan alexander milne. Bernice. Susan Glaspell. Betrayal, The. Padraic Colum. ... alan alexander milne. Buster. Violet M. Methley. By the Sumida river. ..."

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