Definition of Alaskan brown bear

1. Noun. Brown bear of coastal Alaska and British Columbia.

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Literary usage of Alaskan brown bear

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Annual Report by New York Zoological Society, Tennyson Society (1908)
"S alaskan brown bear. Mounted heads, i Black Bear. Mounted head. 3 Alaskan Brown Bear. Rugs, with heads mounted. 1 alaskan brown bear. Skull. ..."

2. The Exhibits of the Smithsonian Institution at the Panama-Pacific by Smithsonian Institution (1915)
"Great alaskan brown bear. American white pelicans and whooping crane. American bison. Map of National Zoological Park. Map of Washington, DC UNITED STATES ..."

3. The Boy Scouts' Year Book by Boy Scouts of America (1920)
"Just one week from that day, there rolled into the Zoological Park a lusty Alaskan brown bear cub nine months old, personally conducted by the self-same ..."

4. The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes by Robert Fiske Griggs, National Geographic Society (U.S.) (1922)
"... the alaskan brown bear should find a safe refuge in which it may be preserved for future generations without jeopardizing any interest of civilization. ..."

5. United States Colonies and Dependencies, Illustrated: The Travels and by William Dickson Boyce (1914)
"The polar bear does not hibernate in winter, but remains on the AN ALASKAN BROWN BEAR. ice and lives on seals and fish. In Nome there are a number of noted ..."

6. Big Game Shooting in Alaska by Charles Robert Eustace Radclyffe (1904)
"Lampson in London, where hundreds of alaskan brown bear skins are always on offer, to see how loosely this portion of the game laws is enforced. ..."

7. The Conquest of Mount McKinley: The Story of Three Expeditions Through the by Belmore BROWNE (1913)
"... a great spruce whose trunk was covered with the claw and tooth marks of the alaskan brown bear. It was evidently a salmon-fishing spot for the bears, ..."

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