Definition of Alfred dreyfus

1. Noun. French army officer of Jewish descent whose false imprisonment for treason in 1894 raised issues of anti-Semitism that dominated French politics until his release in 1906 (1859-1935).

Exact synonyms: Dreyfus
Generic synonyms: Army Officer

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Literary usage of Alfred dreyfus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A History of the Jews in Modern Times by Max Raisin (1919)
"alfred dreyfus was in reality a victim of the historic hatred of the French against the Germans, their constant fear of a Teutonic invasion, ..."

2. The Library of Historic Characters and Famous Events of All Nations and All Ages edited by Ainsworth Rand Spofford, Frank Weitenkampf, John Porter Lamberton (1900)
"alfred dreyfus. men have greatness thrust upon them. If the proof of greatness consists in ... alfred dreyfus was born in Alsace of a wealthy Jewish family. ..."

3. The Tragedy of Dreyfus by George Warrington Steevens (1899)
"alfred dreyfus has inflicted on her this awful retribution for his wrongs. ... And, to pile irony on irony, of alfred dreyfus himself the world, ..."

4. The Dreyfus Story by Richard Walden Hale (1899)
"the court declares unanimously, ‘Guilty,' and. . . condemns alfred dreyfus, whose titles are given above, unanimously, to the punishment of perpetual ..."

5. Review of Reviews and World's Work by Albert Shaw (1906)
"Degradation J . ' "The Only Jew . , , •'-, alfred dreyfus, an Alsatian, can- onthe tain of the Fourteenth Artillery, General staff. ..."

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