Definition of Alfred stieglitz

1. Noun. United States photographer (1864-1946).

Exact synonyms: Stieglitz
Generic synonyms: Lensman, Photographer

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Literary usage of Alfred stieglitz

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Photography as a Fine Art: The Achievements and Possibilities of by Charles Henry Caffin (1901)
"... "MANIPULATED" PRINT IHERE are few, if any, who will not concede to Alfred Stieglitz the first place among American exponents of pictorial photography. ..."

2. The American Amateur Photographer (1904)
"Portrait of alfred stieglitz, By Frank Eugene. of the processes of manipulation, etc. Like the great Italian, he has never paused, but for brief moments, ..."

3. Wilson's Photographic Magazine (1903)
"alfred stieglitz. FEW men in the photographic world are so widely known or ... That the Camera Club of New York city, of which Mr. alfred stieglitz was at ..."

4. The Forum Exhibition of Modern American Painters, March 13th to March 25th, 1916 by Anderson Galleries, Inc (1916)
"FOREWORD: BY alfred stieglitz 'T^HERE never has been more art-talk and seeming art-interest JA in this country than there is to-day. ..."

5. Wilson's Photographic Magazine (1906)
"THE first of the season's exhibitions of The Photo-Secession at The Little Galleries on Fifth Avenue, New York, "personally conducted" by alfred stieglitz ..."

6. Wilson's Photographic Magazine (1907)
"The photographs shown included portraits of Mrs. Kasebier, Frank Eugene, and alfred stieglitz; they were almost startling in their reality—almost uncanny in ..."

7. The Craftsman by Gustav Stickley (1907)
"Those interested in photography as a fine art must feel deeply indebted to Mr. alfred stieglitz for thus bringing together most convincingly proofs of the ..."

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