Definition of Align

1. Verb. Place in a line or arrange so as to be parallel or straight. "Align the sheets of paper on the table"

Exact synonyms: Adjust, Aline, Line Up
Specialized synonyms: Address, Synchronise, Synchronize, Realign, Realine, True, True Up, Collimate, Concenter, Concentre, Focalise, Focalize, Focus
Generic synonyms: Reorient
Derivative terms: Alignment
Antonyms: Skew

2. Verb. Be or come into adjustment with.
Generic synonyms: Agree, Check, Correspond, Fit, Gibe, Jibe, Match, Tally
Derivative terms: Alignment

3. Verb. Align oneself with a group or a way of thinking.
Exact synonyms: Array
Generic synonyms: Stand
Specialized synonyms: Fall In Line, Side
Derivative terms: Alignment

4. Verb. Bring (components or parts) into proper or desirable coordination correlation. "Ordinate similar parts"
Exact synonyms: Coordinate, Ordinate
Generic synonyms: Adjust, Correct, Set
Specialized synonyms: Misalign
Derivative terms: Alignment, Coordination

Definition of Align

1. v. t. To adjust or form to a line; to range or form in line; to bring into line; to aline.

2. v. t. To form in line; to fall into line.

Definition of Align

1. Verb. (intransitive) To form in line; to fall into line. ¹

2. Verb. (transitive) To adjust or form to a line; to range or form in line; to bring into line. ¹

3. Verb. (intransitive) To adhere oneself with a group or a way of thinking. ¹

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Definition of Align

1. to arrange in a straight line [v -ED, -ING, -S]

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Literary usage of Align

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Infantry Tactics: For the Instruction, Exercise, and Manœuvres of the by Silas Casey (1863)
"To Halt the Company, Marching in Line of Battle, and to align it. 99, The instructor, wishing to halt the company, will command: 1. Company. 2. HALT. ..."

2. Infantry Tactics, Or, Rules for the Exercise and Manoeuvres of the United by Winfield Scott (1861)
"Sd. To halt the line, marching in advance, and to align it. 2162. The hne being in march, when the general shall wish to halt it, he will command : 1. ..."

3. Education Reform and Students at Risk: Studies of Education Reform by Robert J. Rossi, Samuel C. Stringfield (1999)
"align Federal, State, and Local Educational Programs to Serve Students Multiple and overlapping educational programs at various levels will continue to be ..."

4. Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics: For the Exercise and Manoeuvres of Troops by William Joseph Hardee (1861)
"To halt the battalion, marching in line of battle, and to align it. 635. The battalion, marching in the line of bat* tie, when the colonel shall wish to ..."

5. "An American commoner": the life and times of Richard Parks Bland. A study by William Vincent Byars (1900)
"The Attempt to align the South for Imperialism Fails.—The Ideas Represented by Greeley and Bland Against the Forces Behind Grant and Longstreet. ..."

6. Instruction for Naval Light Artillery,: Afloat and Ashore by William Harwar Parker, Stephen Bleecker Luce, United States Naval Academy (1862)
"At the command MARCH, all the carriages move forward; the chiefs preserving the intervals and alignments. To Halt the Battery and align it. 81. ..."

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