Definition of Allele

1. Noun. (genetics) either of a pair (or series) of alternative forms of a gene that can occupy the same locus on a particular chromosome and that control the same character. "Some alleles are dominant over others"

Exact synonyms: Allelomorph
Generic synonyms: Cistron, Factor, Gene
Specialized synonyms: Dominant, Dominant Allele, Recessive, Recessive Allele
Category relationships: Genetic Science, Genetics
Derivative terms: Allelic

Definition of Allele

1. Noun. (genetics) One of a number of alternative forms of the same gene occupying a given position on a chromosome. ¹

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Definition of Allele

1. any of several forms of a gene [n -S] : ALLELIC [adj]

Medical Definition of Allele

1. Any one of a series of two or more different genes that occupy the same position (locus) on a chromosome. Since autosomal chromosomes are paired, each autosomal locus is represented twice. If both chromosomes have the same allele, occupying the same locus, the condition is referred to as homozygous for this allele. If the alleles at the two loci are different, the individual or cell is referred to as heterozygous for both alleles. (15 Nov 1997)

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Literary usage of Allele

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"ethnic groups (whites, African Americans, Hispanics, and Japanese). Although there was an elevated frequency of APOE e4 allele among elders with AD from ..."

2. Statistical Inference from Genetic Data on Pedigrees by Elizabeth Alison Thompson (2000)
"The B allele is dominant to the O allele; the O allele is recessive to the B allele. ... Accurate estimation of population allele frequencies is harder, ..."

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"... Mutant Mice Containing a Targeted Disruption of NMDAR1 allele Y. Li, A. Aiba, P. Ashton-Rickardt, AJ. Silva, and S. Tonegawa Center for Cancer Research, ..."

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"... a marker allele is linked to an unfavorable QTL allele in the inbred and where the marker allele is linked to a favorable QTL allele in the inbred. ..."

5. Transposable Elements in Plants: Sponsored CRIS/ICAR Projects and Bibliography by Andrew Kalinski (1995)
"Each allele contains a retrotransposon in intron sequences. ... For each allele, element sequences are spliced from pre-mRNA with the surrounding intron ..."

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"allele Procedure 9.1 The new options ... allele, genotype, or haplotype that occurs at least once in the sample is included in the respective table. ..."

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"The syntax of each statement is described in the following section in alphabetical order after the description of the PROC allele statement. ..."

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