Definition of Allergenic

1. Adjective. Relating to or having the effect of an allergen.

Partainyms: Allergen
Derivative terms: Allergen

Definition of Allergenic

1. Adjective. of or pertaining to an allergen ¹

2. Adjective. having the effect of an allergen ¹

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Definition of Allergenic

1. [adj]

Medical Definition of Allergenic

1. Having the properties of an antigen (allergen). Synonym: allergenic, immunogenic. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Allergenic

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Dialogue on Risk Assessment of Transgenic Plants: Scientific, Technological edited by Johannes Wirz (1997)
"Comparison with the sequence of known allergenic proteins is only possible with linear ... Epitopes are those sequences in an allergenic protein which are ..."

2. Code of Federal Regulations by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Staff (2005)
"Neither horse protein non any allergenic derivative of horse protein shall be used in culture media. (c) Liquid products for oral administration. ..."

3. Labeling of Biotechnology Products: Proceedings of a Workshop by DIANE Publishing Company (1994)
"Should foods containing genes derived from foods known to be commonly allergenic be labeled? Potential allergenicity of proteins derived from introduced ..."

4. Biotechnology, Agriculture, And Food Security in Southern Africa by Steven Were Omamo, Klaus von Grebmer (2005)
"allergenic food is known, and in other cases it is not yet known. In either case, the FDA states: "Appropriate in vitro and in vivo allergenicity testing ..."

5. The Oxford Medicine by Henry Asbury Christian, James Mackenzie (1920)
"If we accept the allergenic explanation of the glo- merular lesions of acute hemorrhagic Bright's disease in relation to their bacteriological etiology, ..."

6. Code of Federal Regulations 21: Food And Drugs 2005 by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Staff (2005)
"If a food purports to be or is represented for special dietary use by reason of the decrease or absence of any allergenic property or by reason of being ..."

7. Truth and Consequences of the Genetic Revolution": Animal Pharm: Old edited by Lisa M. Matocq, Rachel Gibson (1996)
"Indeed, even for the top ten allergenic foods the identity of the various allergens is incompletely known. Take the Brazil nuts for example. ..."

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