Definition of Amentiferae

1. Noun. Used in some classification systems for plants that bear catkins.

Exact synonyms: Group Amentiferae
Generic synonyms: Taxon, Taxonomic Category, Taxonomic Group
Group relationships: Hamamelidae, Subclass Hamamelidae

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Literary usage of Amentiferae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Japan: Its Architecture, Art, and Art Manufactures by Christopher Dresser (1882)
"Quercus cuspidata Th. amentiferae. Used for handles, ships, and timber. ... amentiferae. Used for boxes, joinery, furniture, and timber. O-matsu. ..."

2. Botanical Gazette by University of Chicago, JSTOR (Organization) (1918)
"ship with the amentiferae. In fact, this relationship is one argument for the primitive character of the amentiferae.—JMC Translocation of sugar. ..."

3. Morphology of Angiosperms: (Morphology of Spermatophytes. Part II) by John Merle Coulter, Charles Joseph Chamberlain (1903)
"Among the amentiferae it is noteworthy that an antipodal haustorium occupied by active amii>odal cells and a special vermiform haustorium occupied by ..."

4. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1914)
"This is characteristic of the amentiferae, the simpler Banales, the Urticales and the Rosales. It also persists in some of the higher orders, ..."

5. A Glossary of Botanic Terms, with Their Derivation and Accent by Benjamin Daydon Jackson (1900)
"... dropping off early, as the sepals of a poppy on expansion. Cae'cum (Lat. blind), a prolongation of the embryo in Camarina and certain amentiferae. ..."

6. The American Year Book: A Record of Events and Progress by Francis Graham Wickware, (, Albert Bushnell Hart, (, Simon Newton Dexter North, William M. Schuyler (1915)
"The studies of Bailey and Sinnott (ibid., 36-60) crystallize the anatomical objections to the "aggregate"-ray hypothesis, whereby the amentiferae are ..."

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