Definition of American party

1. Noun. A former political party in the United States; active in the 1850s to keep power out of the hands of immigrants and Roman Catholics.

Exact synonyms: Know-nothing Party
Generic synonyms: Party, Political Party

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Literary usage of American party

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The New American Government and Its Work by James Thomas Young (1915)
"The peculiarities of american party government are all due to this separation of party management from direct and immediate responsibility for the ..."

2. Cyclopaedia of Political Science, Political Economy, and of the Political by John Joseph Lalor (1883)
"Its nominations were adopted, " without adopting or referring to the peculiar doctrines of the american party, by a whig national convention at Baltimore, ..."

3. American Politics (non-partisan) from the Beginning to Date: Embodying a by Thomas Valentine Cooper (1892)
"AHH Stuart of Virginia—published under the nom-de-plume or' " Madison " several letters in vindication of the american party (revived in 1852,) in which he ..."

4. The Political Text-book, Or Encyclopedia: Containing Everything Necessary by Michael W. Cluskey (1857)
"I speak as a member of the great american party—a party which has accomplished what no other party ever did. No matter what combinations were arrayed in ..."

5. A Documentary History of American Industrial Society by American Bureau of Industrial Research, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Eugene Allen Gilmore (1910)
"THE NATIVE american party. What has given rise to the new party now organized in this city and two or three other places, under the above name? ..."

6. Cyclopedia of American Government by Andrew Cunningham McLaughlin, Albert Bushnell Hart (1914)
"A name popularly applied to the american party (see). Secret societies based upon opposition to Roman Catholics and naturalized aliens as voters and ..."

7. Political Parties in the United States, 1846-1861 by Jesse Macy (1900)
"CHAPTER XII THE IMPORTANCE OF THE american party SYSTEM WITH the passing of the Whig party there comes an end to the second chapter in the history of the ..."

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