Definition of Amygdule

1. Noun. (geology) A rounded mass of secondary mineral found in volcanic rock ¹

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Definition of Amygdule

1. a small gas bubble in lava [n -S]

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Literary usage of Amygdule

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bulletin by Harvard University Museum of Comparative Zoology (1895)
"An occasional amygdule of ordinary form associated with the spike ... of the sandstone and lamination of the amygdule. ..."

2. The Tertiary Igneous Rocks of Skye by Alfred Harker (1904)
"Here we have enclosed in the gabbro a small relic of basaltic lava, which itself encloses an amygdule. Two alternative explanations are not inconsistent ..."

3. Upper Peninsula 1869-1873: Accompanied by an Atlas of Maps by Michigan Geological Survey (1873)
"The cleavage faces of the calcite particles throughout the amygdule all reflect the light at the same incident angle, showing a uniform tendency to ..."

4. Mineral Resources of Alaska: Report on Progress of Investigations in 1907 by Alfred Hulse Brooks (1908)
"Thirty feet farther north along the strike the fault is at the foot wall, and here the black amygdule rock has its greatest thickness, 8 feet. ..."

5. Upper Peninsula, 1893-1897 by Michigan Geological Survey (1898)
"This can hardly be due to cooling, as the escape of heat into a small closed space like the bubble in which an amygdule is formed, can hardly be more rapid ..."

6. Iron-bearing Rocks (economic) [of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan] by Thomas Benton Brooks (1873)
"In a flat-sided amygdule, the radiant point will be at the corner, the rays being at f1rst parallel to the flat side. Occasionally, immediately about the ..."

7. The Nomenclature of Petrology: With References to Selected Literature by Arthur Holmes (1920)
"... form amygdule is a diminutive of amygdale, and consequently the former is not strictly synonymous with the latter. ..."

8. The Geology of the Coama-Guayama District, Porto Rico by Edwin Thomas Hodge (1920)
"Small amygdule areas filled with white calcite are present. The fabric of this rock is seriate porphyritic ..."

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