Definition of Apparatuses

1. Noun. (plural of apparatus) ¹

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Definition of Apparatuses

1. apparatus [n] - See also: apparatus

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Literary usage of Apparatuses

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Petroleum: Its History, Origin, Occurrence, Production, Physical and by William Theodore Brannt, Hans Höfer, Alexander Veith (1894)
"apparatuses in which the inflammability is directly observed by igniting the vapors evolved at a certain temperature. Extraordinary difficulties have been ..."

2. Alcohol, the Sanction for Its Use: Scientifically Established and Populary by J. Starke (1907)
"To be added to these are the nervous end apparatuses in the muscles and glands ... We therefore can treat only of the terminal nervous apparatuses in the ..."

3. The Anatomy of the Brain: With a General View of the Nervous System by Johann Gaspar Spurzheim, Robert Willis (1826)
"Another essential consideration refers to the communication with each other of the peculiar nervous apparatuses, an arrangement which is indispensa. ble to ..."

4. Meteorological Essays by François Arago, Alexander von Humboldt, Edward Sabine (1855)
"... highly simple, direct, and legitimate as they are, by which in recent pages the mode of action of the apparatuses in question has been made apparent. ..."

5. Idiocy: And Its Treatment by the Physiological Method by Edward Seguin (1907)
"It is difficult to imagine two apparatuses of the same name so nearly alike, yet so opposite in their physiological attainments, as the air-swing of the ..."

6. Diseases of Man: Data of Their Nomenclature, Classification & Genesis by John William Severin Gouley (1888)
"Arrangement of medicine into certain departments in accordance with the apparatuses of the human body. The physician. Definition of disease. ..."

7. Petroleum: It's History, Origin, Occurence, Production, Physical and by Hans Höfer, Alexander Veith (1894)
"These apparatuses yield more corresponding results, their construction ... The results obtained in these apparatuses also correspond better one with another ..."

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