Definition of Appendant

1. Adjective. Affixed as an appendage.

Similar to: Affixed
Derivative terms: Append

Definition of Appendant

1. a. Hanging; annexed; adjunct; concomitant; as, a seal appendant to a paper.

2. n. Anything attached to another as incidental or subordinate to it.

Definition of Appendant

1. Adjective. attached as an appendage ¹

2. Noun. Anything attached to another as incidental or subordinate to it. ¹

3. Noun. (legal) An inheritance annexed by prescription to a superior inheritance. ¹

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Definition of Appendant

1. [n -S]

Medical Definition of Appendant

1. 1. Hanging; annexed; adjunct; concomitant; as, a seal appendant to a paper. "As they have transmitted the benefit to us, it is but reasonable we should suffer the appendant calamity." (Jer. Taylor) 2. Appended by prescription, that is, a personal usage for a considerable time; said of a thing of inheritance belonging to another inheritance which is superior or more worthy; as, an advowson, common, etc, which may be appendant to a manor, common of fishing to a freehold, a seat in church to a house. Origin: F. Appendant, p. Pr. Of appendre. See Append. Source: Websters Dictionary (01 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Appendant

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Digest of the Laws of England by Anthony Hammond, John Comyns (1824)
"A thing appendant is that which beyond memory has belonged to another thing ... If a thing, which may be appendant or appurtenant had always passed with the ..."

2. The First Part of the Institutes of the Laws of England, Or, A Commentary by Edward Coke, Thomas Littleton, Matthew Hale, Heneage Finch Nottingham (1809)
"Secondly, that nothing can be properly appendant or appurtenant ... and yet, in every of their turnes, it is appendant to ..."

3. The Modern Law of Real Property: With an Introduction for the Student and an by Louis Arthur Goodeve (1883)
"Difference The difference between what is ' appendant' and what is ' ap- ... So, a leet (ee) cannot be appendant to a church or chapel, for they are of ..."

4. A General Abridgment of Law and Equity: Alphabetically Digested Under Proper by Charles Viner (1791)
"A man may have common appendant for 30 tattle m ont place, and to the fame land common appendant alfo in another place, for part of the faid ..."

5. A Digest of the Law of Real Property by William Cruise, Simon Greenleaf, Henry Hopley White (1856)
"This kind of common is either appendant, appurtenant, because of vicinage, or in gross, (a) 3. Common appendant is a right annexed to the posses- 66 * sion ..."

6. Commentaries on the Laws of England: In Four Books by William Blackstone, George Sharswood, Barron Field (1908)
"Advowsons are either advowsons appendant, or advowsons in gross. Lords of manors being originally the only founders, and of course the only patrons, ..."

7. Institutes of American Law by John Bouvier (1854)
"1649. great cattle, are meant all manner of beasts except sheep and yearlings.(a) 1. Of common of pasture appendant. 1646. A common of pasture appendant, ..."

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