Definition of April fools' day

1. Noun. The first day of April which is celebrated by playing practical jokes.

Exact synonyms: All Fools' Day, April Fools'
Generic synonyms: Day
Group relationships: Apr, April

Definition of April fools' day

1. Noun. The first day in April, when tricks and practical jokes are traditionally played ¹

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Literary usage of April fools' day

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Holidays & Celebrations: How to Make Books W/Children by Joy Evans, Jill Norris (1997)
"April Fools' Day is also the first day of National Humor Month. ... It seems appropriate that April Fools' Day comes at a time when nature plays tricks on ..."

2. Golspie: Contributions to Its Folklore by Edward Williams Byron Nicholson (1897)
"... (APRIL FOOLS' DAY) On the /•' of April people send those who do not remember that that is the ..."

3. Observations on the Popular Antiquities of Great Britain: Chiefly by John Brand, Henry Ellis (1895)
"ALL FOOLS' DAY, (OR APRIL FOOLS' DAY.) " While April morn her Folly's throne exalts ; While ..."

4. Our Young Folks by John Townsend Trowbridge, Lucy Larcom, Gail Hamilton (1871)
"Why the isl day of April is called April Fools' Day," or in other words, when and how the custom of sportively imposing on people on that day originated, ..."

5. Encyclopaedia of Superstitions, Folklore, and the Occult Sciences of the edited by Charles McClellan Stevans, Cora Linn (Morrison) Daniels (1903)
"A current belief connects April- Fools' Day with the "mistake" that Noah made in sending out his first dove, before the waters had abated. ..."

6. Theme Pockets by Michelle Noble Barnett, Caitlin Rabanera, Ann Switzer (1999)
"April 1 April Fools' Day April Fools' Day is a day of tricks. ... Read It's April Fools' Day by Steven Kroll (Scholastic, 1990) and share jokes. ..."

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