Definition of Arm band

1. Noun. A band worn around the arm for decoration.

Exact synonyms: Armlet
Generic synonyms: Band
Derivative terms: Arm

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Literary usage of Arm band

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Essentials of Laboratory Diagnosis: Designed for Students and Practitioners by Francis Ashley Faught (1915)
"The rubber portion of the arm-band measures 5x9 inches, and so conforms ... The arm-band is wrapped snugly around the bared arm of the patient above the ..."

2. Trukese-English Dictionary =: Pwpwuken Tettenin Fóós, Chuuk-Ingenes by Ward Hunt Goodenough, Hiroshi Sugita (1990)
"hold (something) under the arm. arm band ... wrist band, arm band. arm's length -pew (suf.): arm's length (unit of distance from fingertips to shoulder). ..."

3. Diseases of the heart and arterial system: Designed to be a Practical by Robert Hall Babcock (1909)
"By means of a Y-shaped tube the arm-band is connected with a mercurial manometer as well as with the inflating bulb, and thus the amount of blood-pressure ..."

4. Personal Experiences Among Our North American Indians from 1867 to 1885 by William Thornton Parker (1913)
"His picture represents him with his eagle feather decorations, his gleaming tomahawk, and, what is of greater interest, his arm-band amulet. ..."

5. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1917)
"Dr. Bleile illustrates the action of the law by paraphrasing the example in my paper thus: With a given volume pulse change, if the arm band pressure is at ..."

6. Practice of Medicine by Frederick Tice (1922)
"The arm band, which must be 12 cm. wide, is snugly, not tightly, wrapped around the upper arm so that the lower edge of the arm band is from 2 to 3 cm. ..."

7. The Horseless Age (1903)
"The genera^ commissioners must wear a red arm band, the local commissioners a blue arm band with red border, the control keepers a blue arm band, ..."

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