Definition of Arrestment

1. n. The arrest of a person, or the seizure of his effects; esp., a process by which money or movables in the possession of a third party are attached.

Definition of Arrestment

1. Noun. The action of arresting (in any sense) ¹

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Definition of Arrestment

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Arrestment

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Institute of the Law of Scotland: In Four Books : in the Order of Sir by John Erskine, James Ivory (1828)
"Grounds of arrestment^ ib. 3. It may proceed either by the authority of the ... Effect of arrestment on dependence as to expenses of process, 740, note 314. ..."

2. A Digest of the Law of Scotland: With Special Reference to the Office and by Hugh Barclay, Scotland (1855)
"An arrestment in the trustee's hands before the bill was paid, ... An arrestment in the hands of joint adventurers or copartners found to have secured the ..."

3. A Handbook of Bankers' Law by Henry Robertson, W. D. Thorburn (1881)
"arrestment.—The diligence of arrestment is used for the purpose of attaching ... The effect of the arrestment is to prohibit the person in whose hands it is ..."

4. The Law and Practice of Citation and Diligence: On the Basis of the Late Mr by Robert Campbell, James Johnston Darling (1862)
"The Diligence of arrestment—its Nature. An arrestment is a diligence competent to a creditor, by which a debtor in a moveable debt or obligation is ..."

5. Manual of the Law of Scotland by John Hill Burton (1847)
"may recall or restrict the arrestment with or without caution, subject to review of the Inner-House.1 The sheriff, from whom arrestment has issued, ..."

6. The Scots Digest of Scots Appeals in the House of Lords from 1707 and of the by Robert Candlish Henderson, Great Britain Parliament. House of Lords (1908)
"An arrestment may be validly laid in the hands of a shipmaster, where the property or funds of ... arrestment, in the hands of the master of a general ship, ..."

7. The Practice of the Sheriff Courts of Scotland in Civil Causes by John Dove Wilson (1883)
"... that any arrestment laid on under the authority of this Act shall, on the expiry of three months from the date thereof, cease and determine, ..."

8. The Forms and Procedure in Civil Causes in the Sheriff Courts of Scotland by David Johnston Macbrair (1853)
"The form both of the schedule, and execution of arrestment, are given in the statute, schedule (C). It is unnecessary to repeat them here. ..."

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