Definition of Artery

1. Noun. A blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the body.

Exact synonyms: Arteria, Arterial Blood Vessel
Specialized synonyms: Alveolar Artery, Arteria Alveolaris, Angular Artery, Arteria Angularis, Aorta, Appendicular Artery, Arteria Appendicularis, Arcuate Artery, Arteria Arcuata, Arcuate Artery Of The Kidney, Arteriola, Arteriole, Capillary Artery, Arteria Bulbi Penis, Artery Of The Penis Bulb, Arteria Bulbi Vestibuli, Artery Of The Vestibule Bulb, Arteria Ascendens, Ascending Artery, Arteria Auricularis, Auricular Artery, Arteria Axillaris, Axillary Artery, Arteria Basilaris, Basilar Artery, Arteria Brachialis, Brachial Artery, Arteria Radialis, Radial Artery, Bronchial Artery, Arteria Buccalis, Buccal Artery, Arteria Carotis, Carotid Artery, Arteria Celiaca, Celiac Artery, Celiac Trunk, Truncus Celiacus, Arteria Centralis Retinae, Central Artery Of The Retina, Arteria Cerebelli, Cerebellar Artery, Arteria Cerebri, Cerebral Artery, Areteria Cervicalis, Cervical Artery, Arteria Choroidea, Choroidal Artery, Arteria Ciliaris, Ciliary Artery, Circle Of Willis, Circumflex Artery, Arteria Colica, Colic Artery, Arteria Communicans, Communicating Artery, Arteria Coronaria, Coronary Artery, Arteria Cystica, Cystic Artery, Arteria Digitalis, Digital Arteries, Arteria Epigastrica, Epigastric Artery, Arteria Ethmoidalis, Ethmoidal Artery, Arteria Femoralis, Femoral Artery, Arteria Poplitea, Popliteal Artery, Arteria Gastrica, Gastric Artery, Arteria Glutes, Gluteal Artery, Arteria Hepatica, Hepatic Artery, Arteria Ileum, Ileal Artery, Intestinal Artery, Arteria Ileocolica, Ileocolic Artery, Arteria Iliaca, Iliac Artery, Arteria Iliolumbalis, Iliolumbar Artery, Arteria Infraorbitalis, Infraorbital Artery, Innominate Artery, Arteria Intercostalis, Intercostal Artery, Intestinal Artery, Jejunal Artery, Arteria Labialis, Labial Artery, Artery Of The Labyrinth, Internal Auditory Artery, Labyrinthine Artery, Arteria Lacrimalis, Lacrimal Artery, Arteria Laryngea, Laryngeal Artery, Arteria Lienalis, Lienal Artery, Splenic Artery, Arteria Lingualis, Lingual Artery, Arteria Lumbalis, Lumbar Artery, Arteria Maxillaris, Maxillary Artery, Arteria Meningea, Meningeal Artery, Arteria Mesenterica, Mesenteric Artery, Arteria Metacarpea, Metacarpal Artery, Arteria Metatarsea, Metatarsal Artery, Arteria Musculophrenica, Musculophrenic Artery, Arteria Nutricia, Nutrient Artery, Arteria Ophthalmica, Ophthalmic Artery, Arteria Ovarica, Ovarian Artery, Arteria Palatina, Palatine Artery, Arteria Pancreatica, Pancreatic Artery, Arteria Perinealis, Perineal Artery, Arteria Pudenda, Pudendal Artery, Arteria Pulmonalis, Pulmonary Artery, Arteria Rectalis, Rectal Artery, Arteria Renalis, Renal Artery, Arteria Subclavia, Subclavian Artery, Arteria Testicularis, Internal Spermatic Artery, Testicular Artery, Arteria Ulnaris, Ulnar Artery, Arteria Uterina, Uterine Artery, Arteria Vaginalis, Vaginal Artery, Arteria Vertebralis, Vertebral Artery
Generic synonyms: Blood Vessel
Derivative terms: Arterial

2. Noun. A major thoroughfare that bears important traffic.
Generic synonyms: Thoroughfare

Definition of Artery

1. n. The trachea or windpipe.

Definition of Artery

1. Noun. An efferent blood vessel from the heart, conveying blood away from the heart regardless of oxygenation status; see pulmonary artery. ¹

2. Noun. A major transit corridor. ¹

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Definition of Artery

1. a vessel that carries blood away from the heart [n -TERIES]

Medical Definition of Artery

1. Any blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart. Arteries have a high pressure than veins and comprise a smooth muscle wall which transmits the pulse shock wave from closure of the aortic valve in humans. (18 Nov 2007)

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Literary usage of Artery

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"The inferior coronary is derived from the facial artery, near the angle of the mouth : it passes upward and inward beneath the depressor anguli oris. and, ..."

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"LIGATION OF THE INNOMINATE artery BY MEDIAN INCISION'. For the now practically abandoned method of treating subclavian aneurism by ligation of the ..."

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"(d) Diseases of the Hepatic artery The anomalies of the hepatic artery include: Aneurism Embolism Thrombosis Arteriosclerosis and according to Rolleston: ..."

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