Definition of Ascidiaceae

1. Noun. Sometimes classified as an order: sea squirts.

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Literary usage of Ascidiaceae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Zoology: An Elementary Text-book by Arthur Everett Shipley, Ernest William MacBride (1904)
"The ascidiaceae constitute the great bulk of the Urochordata. Some of them, such as the FIo. 185. Two groups of individuals form taken as a type in the of ..."

2. Contributions from the Botanical Laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania by University of Pennsylvania Botanical Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania, Botanical Laboratory (1904)
"By Henry S. Conard, Ph. D., late Harrison Fellow in Botany. (2) "A Monograph of the Order ascidiaceae, including the ..."

3. By the Deep Sea: A Popular Introduction to the Wild Life of the British Shores by Edward Step (1896)
"A naturalist would speak of it as a simple Ascidian—A. mentula, to wit; and on being further pressed, might tell you that the ascidiaceae constitute an ..."

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