Definition of Aspers

1. Noun. (plural of asper) ¹

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Definition of Aspers

1. asper [n] - See also: asper

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Literary usage of Aspers

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Government of the Ottoman Empire in the Time of Suleiman the Magnificent by Albert Howe Lybyer (1913)
"He has two hundred aspers a day, and is captain of all the musicians. An Arpa-emini, who is Provider of the grain, with a Lieutenant and a Chancellor.3 He ..."

2. The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the by Richard Hakluyt (1904)
"... PAYMENTS dred and twenty aspers, two hundred, three score and two pounds, ... to either three score aspers, and maketh sterling, threescore and five ..."

3. Rhymes on Art; Or, The Remonstrance of a Painter:: In Two Parts. : With by Martin Archer Shee (1805)
"... Ere Taste her orb from Latium had withdrawn, Or yet the cliffs of Albion caught the dawn, 20 Coxcombs, exulting, dar'd her powers despise, aspers'd her ..."

4. The Travels of Bertrandon de La Brocq́uière, to Palestine: And His Return by Bertrandon de La Brocquière, Thomas Johnes, Legrand (1807)
"... that are brought him from Turkey in Europe, pay at Gallipoli, the comarch, which is three aspers for each man, and five for each horse. ..."

5. An Itinerary Containing His Ten Yeeres Travell Through the Twelve Dominions by Fynes Moryson (1907)
"... was given for eleven lires of Venice, and for 120 aspers of Turkey; and the silver ... or a piece of eight Reali Spanish, was given for seventy aspers, ..."

6. The History of Greece Under Othoman and Venetian Domination by George Finlay (1856)
"asper, and the relative value of silver to gold, were so AD much diminished that fifty-four of the new aspers were - ' equal to a Venetian sequin, ..."

7. A Residence at Constantinople: During a Period Including the Commencement by Robert Walsh (1836)
"... and give one. asper, shall be accepted, as if his prayers were offered up; whoever shall cause it to be written, and give two aspers, shall be accepted, ..."

8. The Present State of Turkey; Or, A Description of the Political, Civil, and by Thomas Thornton (1807)
"... equal in value to a silver taper: 4 aspers to 1 drachm: 9 drachms or 36 aspers to a German thaler: tlie sul- tania, (a gold coin containing 45 aspers], ..."

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