Definition of At rest

1. Adjective. In a state of repose or especially sleep.

Similar to: Asleep

2. Adjective. Dead. "Our dear departed friend"
Exact synonyms: Asleep, At Peace, Deceased, Departed, Gone
Language type: Euphemism
Similar to: Dead
Derivative terms: Departed

Definition of At rest

1. Adjective. (idiomatic) not moving; stationary ¹

2. Adjective. (euphemistic) dead ¹

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Literary usage of At rest

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Canadian Entomologist by Entomological Society of Canada (1863-1871), Entomological Society of Canada (1951- ), Entomological Society of Ontario (1875)
"-Briséis—5th August to September ; not uncommon ; at sugar and at rest -parta—2oth July to September ; common ; at rest and sugar. ..."

2. Astronomy by Joseph Norman Lockyer (1874)
"THE EARTH IS NOT at rest. 23. The Earth, then, with its surface of land and water, is a great globe, so big that supposing there were a road all round it ..."

3. The Republic of Plato by Plato (1908)
"Is it possible for the same thing to be at the same time, and in the same part of it, at rest and in motion? Certainly not. Let us come to a still more ..."

4. Sermons on Several Occasions by John Wesley (1836)
"And, accordingly, neither do " the wicked" here " cease from troubling," ncr can "the weary be at rest." The pain of cure must, then, be endured by every ..."

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