Definition of Auditory agnosia

1. Noun. Inability to recognize or understand the meaning of spoken words.

Generic synonyms: Agnosia

Medical Definition of Auditory agnosia

1. The inability to recognise sounds, words, or music; caused by a lesion of the auditory cortex of the temporal lobe. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Auditory agnosia

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Monographic Medicine by William Robie Patten Emerson, Guido Guerrini, William Brown, Wendell Christopher Phillips, John Whitridge Williams, John Appleton Swett, Hans Günther, Mario Mariotti, Hugh Grant Rowell (1916)
"Lesions Causing auditory agnosia (Mind-Deafness) Clinical-pathological experience teaches that auditory agnosia points to the temporal lobe, ..."

2. Monographic Medicine by Albion Walter Hewlett, Henry Leopold Elsner (1916)
"Thus according to the sense lost we have auditory agnosia, which comprises word deafness, music deafness, inability to recognize objects by any sound they ..."

3. Brain and Spinal Cord: A Manual for the Study of the Morphology and Fibre by Emil Villiger (1918)
"Further, lesions of the left temporal lobe cause the so-called auditory agnosia or perception deafness, in which condition not only the spoken words, ..."

4. Proceedings of the American Medico-Psychological Association Annual Meeting by American Medico-Psychological Association (1907)
"(2) There is a degree of mental deafness (auditory agnosia) or lack of comprehension of the nature of objects as judged by the characteristic sounds which ..."

5. Neurological Bulletin by Frederick Tilney, Columbia University, Dept. of Neurology (1919)
"There is no hemianopsia, but there seem to be visual and auditory agnosia and paraphasia. He is unable to recognize the names of various objects seen and ..."

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