Definition of Avogadro's law

1. Noun. The principle that equal volumes of all gases (given the same temperature and pressure) contain equal numbers of molecules.

Exact synonyms: Avogadro's Hypothesis
Generic synonyms: Law, Law Of Nature

Medical Definition of Avogadro's law

1. Equal volumes of gases contain equal numbers of molecules, the conditions of pressure and temperature being the same. Synonym: Ampere's postulate, Avogadro's hypothesis, Avogadro's postulate. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Avogadro's law

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Chemical Theory for Beginners by Leonard Dobbin, James Walker (1900)
"CHAPTER X AVOGADRO-S LAW * IT was shown in Chapter V. that the volumes of gaseous substances which combine chemically stand in simple rational proportions ..."

2. Theoretical Chemistry from the Standpoint of Avogadro's Rule & Thermodynamics by Walther Nernst (1904)
"We shall therefore accept van°t Hoffs extension of Avogadro-s law and use it, especially in Book II., for further conclusions. ..."

3. An Introduction to the Principles of Physical Chemistry from the Standpoint by Edward Wight Washburn (1921)
"Avogadro ‘s number, the number of molecules in 32 grams of oxygen, is N = 60.62 X 10” as stated in the first chapter. According to Avogadro ‘s law this is ..."

4. Introduction to Physical Chemistry by James Walker (1907)
"It must be borne in mind that the Law of Dulong and Petit is a law on precisely the same footing as Avogadro-s Law. According to Avogadro-s principle, ..."

5. A Short Text-book of Inorganic Chemistry by Hermann Kolbe (1884)
"AVOGADRO-S LAW.1 We have here to refer to a very remarkable law concerning the number of molecules contained in different gaseous substances. ..."

6. The Dynamical Theory of Gases by James Hopwood Jeans (1904)
"... v2 ... are functions of T and p, it is clear that neither Boyle-s Law, Charles- Law nor Avogadro-s Law will be satisfied with any accuracy. ..."

7. Mechanics, Molecular Physics and Heat: A Twelve Weeks' College Course by Robert Andrews Millikan (1903)
"... ultimately to most of the now accepted values of atomic weights and chemical formulae, even if Avogadro,s Law had never been discovered. ..."

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