Definition of Axillary

1. Adjective. Of or relating to the axil.

Exact synonyms: Alar
Category relationships: Botany, Phytology
Partainyms: Axil
Derivative terms: Axil

2. Adjective. Of or relating to the armpit. "Axillary gland"
Category relationships: Anatomy, General Anatomy
Partainyms: Armpit
Derivative terms: Axilla

Definition of Axillary

1. a. Of or pertaining to the axilla or armpit; as, axillary gland, artery, nerve.

Definition of Axillary

1. Adjective. Of or pertaining to the axilla or armpit; as, axillary gland, artery, nerve. ¹

2. Adjective. (botany) Situated in, or rising from, an axil; of or pertaining to an axil. ¹

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Definition of Axillary

1. an axillar [n -LARIES] - See also: axillar

Medical Definition of Axillary

1. Located or growing from an axil. (12 Mar 1998)

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Literary usage of Axillary

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A German-English dictionary of terms used in medicine and the allied sciences by Hugo Lang, Bertram Abrahams (1905)
"axillary Achsel-ader, /. axillary vein Achsel-apertur, /. space through which vessels and nerves enter the axilla Achsel-arterie, /. axillary artery ..."

2. An Introduction to Entomology by John Henry Comstock (1920)
"The axillary cord.—The posterior margin of the membrane at the base of the wing is ... The axillary cord normally arises, on each side, from the posterior ..."

3. Anatomy: Descriptive and Surgical by Henry Gray (1897)
"This space contains the axillary vessels and brachial plexus of nerves, ... The axillary artery and vein, with the brachial plexus of nerves, ..."

4. Quain's Elements of Anatomy by Jones Quain, Allen Thomson, George Dancer Thane (1882)
"The axillary artery is crossed in front by the pectoralis minor mn- and is thus ... This put of the artery is also invested by the axillary sheath, ..."

5. Proceedings by Philadelphia County Medical Society (1895)
"PROBABLY the most common causes for the formation of aneurism of the axillary artery are over-exertion and traumatism. The close proximity of the tumor to ..."

6. Anatomy, Descriptive and Applied by Henry Gray (1913)
"These deep veins have numerous anastomoses, not only with each other, but also with the superficial veins. The axillary vein (v. ..."

7. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences by Southern Society for Clinical Investigation (U.S.) (1907)
"The Secretion of Sweat from the axillary Glands Resembling Milk, and Occurring during the Puerperal Stage.—SEITZ from the clinic at Munich (Archiv f. ..."

8. Organography of Plants, Especially of the Archegoniata and Spermaphyta by Karl Eberhard Goebel (1905)
"The branching is indeed usually axillary but the relationship between leaf and axillary shoot is not the same everywhere. TIME-RELATIONSHIP IN DEVELOPMENT ..."

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