Definition of Back exercise

1. Noun. Exercise designed to strengthen the back muscles.

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Literary usage of Back exercise

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Sound Bodies for Our Boys and Girls by William Blaikie (1889)
"Describe carefully the First Upper-back Exercise. 9. ... SECOND UPPER-back exercise. Directions.—1. With a dumb-bell in each hand, and breathing slowly and ..."

2. My System: 15 Minutes' Work a Day for Health's Sake by Jørgen Peter Müller (1905)
"... stretching or "back exercise," lying down, as follows: Lower the body till the whole of it is resting on the floor face downwards, stretch the arms ..."

3. Classified Gymnasium Exercises: Of System of R.J. Roberts ; with Notes by A. K. Jones, R. J. Roberts (1890)
"Whole back exercise and scoop. 7. Small of back exercise. Use bell to brick. 8. Small of back exercise. Out-reach on floor. 9. Alternate 7 and 8. 10. ..."

4. An Outline of Physical Education for Primary and Grammar Schools, Junior by Ernst Hermann (1917)
"back exercise. Bend stride jumping, forwards downwards bend of trunk, ... back exercise — ready — go." With upward bending of arms the pupils jump to stride ..."

5. American Physical Education Review by American Physical Education Association (1920)
"(Ï. back exercise. For general strengthening. 7. Practice correct posture. Walk in good posture. 8. Foot exercises. 9. Exercises to induce deep .breathing. ..."

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