Definition of Bag lady

1. Noun. A homeless woman who carries all her possessions with her in shopping bags.

Generic synonyms: Homeless, Homeless Person

Definition of Bag lady

1. Noun. (informal) A homeless woman who carries her possessions with her in bags. ¹

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Literary usage of Bag lady

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Body and Soul: A Play in Four Acts by Arnold Bennett (1921)
"And a bag. Lady Mab. But surely you came here in an evening frock. ... I brought a morning dress in the bag. Lady Mab. Did you? Why? Blanche. ..."

2. Representative British Dramas, Victorian and Modern by Montrose Jonas Moses (1918)
"It was given to him in mistake for his own. LADY BRACKNELL. In what locality did this Mr. James, or Thomas, Cardew come across this ordinary hand-bag? LADY ..."

3. Paradise Regained: Prospects for a New Social Order in the Third Millennium by Walter Prytulak (2000)
"The rest of us fall somewhere in-between, but closer to the bag lady. Thus poverty is a relative ... Now, does the bag lady really want to be wealthy? ..."

4. Past Caringby Audrey Jenkinson by Audrey Jenkinson (2004)
"“Here comes the bag lady,” my friends would cry and in I'd trail longing to belong, looking to be cared for. And I may have moaned about all this trundling ..."

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