Definition of Ballroom music

1. Noun. A genre of popular music composed for ballroom dancing.

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Literary usage of Ballroom music

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. In Maiden Meditation: A Mosaic by Eva Whitthorn Trezevant (1893)
"... emulation, and contention of the ballroom. Music was before speech and is now beyond speech, for language is not subtle enough to express the deepest, ..."

2. The Gentleman's House: Or, How to Plan English Residences, from the by Robert Kerr (1865)
"... facing the Garden or Terrace, and flanked en suite on the one hand by the Drawing-room, and on the other by a Ballroom, Music-room, second Drawing-room, ..."

3. Handbook of Musical Biography: Short Notices of the Various Schools of by C. A. Caspar, E. M. Patmore (1886)
"... Weber, Schubert, and even Bach and Handel, turned their talents to the composition of ballroom music. The style of dancing, however, in their time, ..."

4. The Prodigal Son: A Drama in Four Acts by Hall Caine (1905)
"[Taking it.] My good man, you're a godsend! [Exit FINSEN and MADAME PANDHER into Ballroom. Music dies down. HELGA approaches OSCAR. ..."

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