Definition of Bambusa

1. Noun. Tall tender clumping bamboos.

Exact synonyms: Genus Bambusa
Generic synonyms: Liliopsid Genus, Monocot Genus
Group relationships: Bambuseae, Tribe Bambuseae
Member holonyms: Bambusa Vulgaris, Common Bamboo

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Literary usage of Bambusa

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Cyclopædia of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia, Commercial, Industrial by Edward Balfour (1871)
"bambusa apus, Schulte». A gigantic species growing on Mount Salak in Java, ... bambusa prava, forms large woods in Amboyna, which come down to the coast ..."

2. Reading List on Papermaking Materials by Clarence Jay West (1921)
"Cross. Bevan, and King, page 49. bambusa ceiba. Piette, 1861. bambusa ... Raitt, 1912 bambusa spinosa. Spiny bamboo. Brown and Fischer, Bull. 15. ..."

3. The Bamboo Garden by Alfred Parsons (1896)
"ARUNDINARIA (OR bambusa ?) VEITCHII IN its general habit this Bamboo has many points of similarity with bambusa PALMATA, though it is on a much humbler ..."

4. Annals and Magazine of Natural History by William Jardine (1849)
"Remarks on the Growth of bambusa arundinacea in the large Conservatory, ... In some degree at least this defect is obviated here, the bambusa being planted ..."

5. Select Extra-tropical Plants: Readily Eligible for Industrial Culture Or by Ferdinand von Mueller (1891)
"To the series of large thornless bamboos belong also bambusa Tulda and bambusa ... Bamboos are utilized for masts and spars of small vessels. bambusa ..."

6. The Philippine Journal of Science by Institute of Science and Technology (Philippines) (1906)
"F.- Villar states that he saw only cultivated specimens. (8) bambusa ... It is probable that by no means all of the above species are bambusa, but that some ..."

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