Definition of Banded water snake

1. Noun. In some classifications placed in the genus Nerodia; western United States snake that seldom ventures far from water.

Exact synonyms: Common Water Snake, Natrix Sipedon, Nerodia Sipedon
Generic synonyms: Water Snake
Group relationships: Genus Natrix, Natrix

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Literary usage of Banded water snake

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Reptile Book: A Comprehensive, Popularised Work on the Structure and by Raymond Lee Ditmars (1907)
"banded water snake, T. ... similar, alternating blotches on the sides, with wide interspaces; abdomen yellowish. GREEN-banded water snake, ..."

2. Annual Report by New York Zoological Society, Tennyson Society (1901)
"The Black-banded Water Snake (Natrix ... Snake (Natrix fasciata erythrogaster), and the Red-banded Water Snake (Natrix fasciata) were among the captures. ..."

3. Report (1904)
"banded water snake. Rather rare near Olivet, but apparently not uncommon near Narrow lake, in Brookfield, where I saw three specimens in an hour. ..."

4. Report (1905)
"banded water snake. Size moderate to large and stout; dorsal scales in 23-25, (27) rows, all keeled scales of the first row larger than the others; ..."

5. Medical zoology, and mineralogy; or Illustrations and descriptions of the by John Stephenson (1832)
"Blue-banded Water-Snake. SPEC. CHAR. Body pale azure-blue, with circular bands of yellowish white ; tail blue, flat, short, ..."

6. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1897)
"Among the more interesting additions were the cotton-mouth moccasin, the banded water snake, Holbrook's water snake, the little brown snake, the Louisiana ..."

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