Definition of Bar graph

1. Noun. A chart with bars whose lengths are proportional to quantities.

Exact synonyms: Bar Chart
Generic synonyms: Chart
Specialized synonyms: Histogram

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Literary usage of Bar graph

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Learning about Our World and Our Past: Using the Tools & Resources of by Evelyn Hawkins (1999)
"... of eighth graders appeared able to read a bar graph with categories, in this case countries along the x-axis and percentages along the y-axis. ..."

2. A Late Triassic Footprint Fauna from the Culpeper Basin, Northern Virginia by Robert E. Weems (1987)
"bar graph showing relative abundances of each kind of trackmaker at the Culpeper Crushed Stone Quarry locality. Note the preponderance of presumed ..."

3. Modern Junior Mathematics by Marie Gugle (1920)
"The bar graph 1. The Second Method. — Instead of drawing a line for the graph, sometimes bars are used. The upper figure on this page is ..."

4. School Statistics and Publicity by Carter Alexander (1919)
"Simple Comparisons The simplest graphic comparison is usually made through some form of the bar graph. The latter is used a great deal for comparisons in ..."

5. Reference Information for the Software Verification & Validation Process by Dolores R. Wallace, Laura M. Ippolito, Barbara B. Cuthill (1996)
"A bar graph is a frequency distribution diagram in which each bar represents a ... Interpretation In a simple bar graph in which the characteristics being ..."

6. 20th Century Bookkeeping and Accounting: A Treatise on the Principles of by James Williams Baker (1922)
"Thus, if it is desired to show in pictorial form by a bar graph the sales for the two years in the comparative Statement of Profit and Loss in Illustration ..."

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