Definition of Barn dance

1. Noun. A dance party featuring country dancing.

Generic synonyms: Dance

Definition of Barn dance

1. Noun. A type of set step routine dancing, such as square dance ¹

2. Verb. To take part in barn dancing. ¹

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Literary usage of Barn dance

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Main Street by Sinclair Lewis (1920)
"Fern begged her to go as chaperon to a barn-dance in the country, on a Saturday evening. Carol could not go. The next day, the storm crashed. chapter CAROL ..."

2. Social games and group dances: a collection of games and dances suitable for by James Claude Elsom, Blanche Mathilde Trilling (1919)
"... barn dance FOR THREE While the dance is a little more complicated than most of the dances in the collection, its figures are full of interest, ..."

3. A Centennial History of the Villages of Iroquois and Montgomery and the by Salem Ely (1918)
"barn dance The barn dance was also a popular recreation among the young people. They would assemble from long distances at some house or barn, ..."

4. Gymnastic Dancing: Rhythmic Exercises for Classes of Men and Boys by William J. Davison (1909)
"barn dance Music: Schottische Time. (Goes well with any of the popular barn dance music.-) Arranged for column of twos to proceed around the room in a large ..."

5. How Motion Pictures are Made by Homer Croy (1918)
"The picture may be that of an old-fashioned barn dance, and, ... The effect is secured by slowly fading out the barn- dance scene by either one of the four ..."

6. Dancing by Lilly Grove Frazer, Lilly Grove, Percy Macquoid (1895)
"THE PAS DE QUATRE, OR barn dance The pas de quatre is a lively dance ... barn dance' is an American designation ; but as many other dances take place in ..."

7. Mr. Punch's History of Modern England by Charles Larcom Graves (1922)
"... of complaint with Punch, but it was never so persistently harped upon as during the years which began with the Barn-dance and ended with the Bunny-hug. ..."

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