Definition of Barracuda

1. Noun. Any voracious marine fish of the genus Sphyraena having an elongated cylindrical body and large mouth with projecting lower jaw and long strong teeth.

Definition of Barracuda

1. n. A voracious, pikelike, marine fish, of the genus Sphyræna, sometimes used as food.

2. n. Any of several voracious pikelike marine fishes allied to the gray mullets, constituting the genus Sphyræna and family Sphyrænidæ. The great barracuda (S. barracuda) of the West Indies, Florida, etc., is often six feet or more long, and as dangerous as a shark. In Cuba its flesh is reputed to be poisonous. S. Argentea of the Pacific coast and S. sphyræna of Europe are smaller species, and are used as food.

Definition of Barracuda

1. Noun. Any large marine fish of the genus ''Sphyraenus'' that have elongated bodies, a projecting lower jaw and displaying prominent fang-shaped teeth. ¹

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Definition of Barracuda

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Barracuda

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Big Game Fishes of the United States: A Collection of Critical Essays by Charles Burton Martin, Viktor Aleksandrovich Maksunov, Charles Frederick Holder, Amiya Chandra Chakravarty, David Malet Armstrong (1903)
"My attention was first attracted to the fish by meeting a Conch on the reef, who answered to the name of " barracuda." I learned later that he had earned ..."

2. The big game fishes of the United States by Charles Frederick Holder (1903)
"CHAPTER V THE barracuda OF FLORIDA " Do but fish this stream like an artist and peradventure a good fish may fall to your share." — IZAAK WALTON. ..."

3. American Food and Game Fishes: A Popular Account of All the Species Found in by David Starr Jordan, Barton Warren Evermann (1902)
"Scales large, 75 to 85 in lateral line; origin of first dorsal behind root of ventrals, over last third or fourth of pectoral; body compressed ; barracuda, ..."

4. The Principal forms of the skeleton and of the teeth by Richard Owen (1854)
"In the great barracuda of the southern shores of the United States ... barracuda, Cuv.), the lower-jaw contains a.single row of large, compressed, conical, ..."

5. Salt Water Game Fishing by Charles Frederick Holder (1914)
"CHAPTER V THE FLORIDA GROUNDS GROUP 6 THE BIG barracuda WHEN the angler arrives in Florida, as he now can with the ease and comfort of well-equipped Pullman ..."

6. Pan-Pacific Cook Book: Savory Bits from the World's Fare by Linie Loyall McLaren (1915)
"barracuda—ITALIAN Make three cups of Italian sauce (No. 132); season with a pinch of allspice, and a bit of nutmeg. Add a cup of green peas and half a cup ..."

7. Big Game at Sea by Charles Frederick. Holder (1908)
"CHAPTER XIX barracuda THEY called him barracuda down on the reef.' He was long, thin, loose-jointed, with a long, pointed nose; a typical Cracker, ..."

8. Orr's Circle of the Sciences: A Series of Treatires on the Principles of by Richard Owen, Wm S Orr, John Radford Young, Alexander Jardine, Robert Gordon Latham, Edward Smith, William Sweetland Dallas (1854)
"In the great barracuda of the southern shores of the United States ... barracuda, Cuv.) the lower jaw contains a single row of large, compressed, conical, ..."

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