Definition of Basal metabolism

1. Noun. The amount of energy required to maintain the body of an individual in a resting state.

Generic synonyms: Metabolic Process, Metabolism

Medical Definition of Basal metabolism

1. Heat production, or its measurement, of an organism at the lowest level of cell chemistry in an inactive, awake, fasting state. It may be determined directly by means of a calorimeter or indirectly by calculating the heat production from an analysis of the end products of oxidation within the organism or from the amount of oxygen utilised. (27 Jun 1999)

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Literary usage of Basal metabolism

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Medical Clinics of North America by Michael C. Fiore, Stephen S. Entman, Charles B. Rush (1922)
"found quite regularly in patients with hypopituitarism. Under nutrition may likewise be a factor in causation of a low basal metabolism, ..."

2. Human Vitality and Efficiency Under Prolonged Restricted Diet by Francis Gano Benedict (1919)
"conditions, ie, "basal metabolism," plus the fuel required for extraneous muscular activity. The latter varies with the external activity of the individual, ..."

3. Chemistry of Food and Nutrition by Henry Clapp Sherman (1921)
"basal metabolism of the Adult The basal rate of energy metabolism, ... In the healthy adult this basal metabolism depends chiefly upon the size, shape, ..."

4. Food Ingestion and Energy Transformations: With Special Reference to the by Francis Gano Benedict, Thorne Martin Carpenter (1918)
"SUGGESTIONS AS TO METHOD FOR STUDYING THE EFFECT UPON basal metabolism OF INGESTION OF FOOD OR DRUGS. In reporting the results of these investigations on ..."

5. Gaseous Exchange and Physiological Requirements for Level and Grade Walking by Henry Monmouth Smith (1922)
"basal metabolism. While the special topic of this report is not basal metabolism, basal values were obtained for all of our subjects, usually by other ..."

6. Energy Transformations During Horizontal Walking by Francis Gano Benedict, Hans Murschhauser (1915)
"basal metabolism OF SUBJECT I. As a result of a consideration of the experimental experience of others, it was decided that in the preliminary observations ..."

7. The Gaseous Metabolism of Infants: With Special Reference to Its Relation to by Francis Gano Benedict, Fritz Bradley Talbot (1914)
"basal metabolism OF INFANTS STUDIED. In beginning this research upon infant metabolism, one of the fundamental questions which presented itself to us with ..."

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