Definition of Base rate

1. Noun. The interest rate set by the Bank of England for lending to other banks.

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Literary usage of Base rate

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Scientific Management: A Collection of the More Significant Articles edited by Clarence Bertrand Thompson (1914)
"base rate 20 c. High 2;c. = 1.35 X .20 Low " 22^c. ... If a 22 c. man work on this job he gets paid on the 20 c. base rate, and in addition there is added ..."

2. The Taylor System in Franklin Management: Application and Results by George De Albert Babcock, Reginald Trautschold (1917)
"... worker under standard conditions y to standard rate B = Fundamental base rate, temporarily that oi 1905 i — Percentage of increase in living since J£OS, ..."

3. The Educational Significance of Sixteenth Century Arithmetic from the Point by Lambert Lincoln Jackson (1906)
"... base Percentage •+• base = rate Amount -s- base = I + rate Difference -+- base = I — rate instead of to its use in answering the quantitative questions ..."

4. Time Study and Job Analysis as Applied to Standardization of Methods and by William Otto Lichtner (1921)
"The question of the amount of money per hour, or base rate, is one which should be settled between employer and employee and should not be confused with the ..."

5. OECD Economic Surveys: Hungary by OECD Staff (2005)
"The MNB cut its base rate seven times last year, by a total of 300 basis points ... As of June this year, six further cuts had been made and the base rate ..."

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