Definition of Basic slag

1. Noun. Slag produced in making steel; low in silica but having large amounts of calcium phosphate; useful as fertilizer.

Generic synonyms: Dross, Scoria, Slag

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Literary usage of Basic slag

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Transactions of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and (1918)
"ARTIFICIAL SUBSTITUTES FOR PHOSPHATE ROCK basic slag" basic slag is not soluble to any extent in water, but it has been shown that the phosphate contained ..."

2. Journal by Iron and Steel Institute (1901)
"Determination of Phosphoric Acid in basic slag. ... To detect fluorine in basic slag, the convex side of the watch-glass is covered with a piece of ..."

3. Proceedings of the International Conference on Plant Hardiness and by Daniel Hall (1912)
"... Lawes and Liebig—The Manufacture of Superphosphate— The Manufacture of Basic Slag—Nature of the Phosphoric Acid Compounds in basic slag: their ..."

4. Report on the Fertilizer Industry: August 19, 1916 by United States Federal Trade Commission (1916)
"On the basis of this test the basic slag imported contains from 15 to 19 per cent ... basic slag, which probably ranks second in importance as a source of ..."

5. Manures and Fertilizers: A Text-book for College Students and a Work of by Homer Jay Wheeler (1913)
"The ideal soils on which to use basic slag meal are acid uplands, ... A single or several repeated applications of basic slag meal will often bring in ..."

6. Dangerous Trades: The Historical, Social, and Legal Aspects of Industrial by Sir Thomas Oliver (1902)
"The composition of basic slag is :— Lime Magnesia Alumina . Peroxide of iron . Protoxide of iron Protoxide of manganese Protoxide of vanadium Silica Sulphur ..."

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