Definition of Battle of Boyne

1. Noun. A battle in the War of the Grand Alliance in Ireland in 1690; William III defeated the deposed James II and so ended the Catholicism that had been reintroduced in England by the Stuarts.

Exact synonyms: Boyne
Generic synonyms: Pitched Battle
Group relationships: War Of The Grand Alliance, War Of The League Of Augsburg
Geographical relationships: Emerald Isle, Hibernia, Ireland

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Literary usage of Battle of Boyne

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Pen and Pencil Sketches of the Great Riots: An Illustrated History of the by Joel Tyler Headley (1882)
"Religions Toleration.—Irish Feuds.—battle of Boyne Water.—Orangemen.—Origin and Object of the Society.—A Picnic at Elm Park. ..."

2. Arthur Young's Tour in Ireland (1776-1779) by Arthur Young, Arthur Wollaston Hutton, John Parker Anderson (1892)
"Field of the battle of Boyne.— Lord Chief Bamn Foster's Protestant Colony at Cullen.—Honesty of the people.-—The Penal Laws.—Emigrations.—Dunda Ik.—Newry. ..."

3. A History of England by Allen Clapp Thomas (1913)
"battle of Boyne. 1692 .... Battle of La Hogue. 1692 .... Battle of Steenkerke. 1692 .... National debt begun. 1694 .... Bank of England founded. 1695 . ..."

4. The History and Antiquities of Dissenting Churches and Meeting Houses, in by Walter Wilson (1810)
"... Did not comply (ill the battle of Boyne ; So Sherlock the younger still made it a question, Which side he would take, till the tattle of Preston. • . ..."

5. A Manual of Modern History: Containing the Rise and Progress of the by William Cooke Taylor, Caleb Sprague Henry, L. L. Smith (1847)
"battle of Boyne, describe. 9. Conduct of the Irish after the desertion of their monarch ? 10. Final success of William ? 11. Terms of the treaty? 12. ..."

6. Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United by George Edward Cokayne (1892)
"... whom he аи«, in the 1697. peerage [L] 1667. Ho was er. DCL of Oxford 6 Aug. 1677. PO was in command of a Heg. of Horae at the battle of Boyne II], 1686. ..."

7. History of Dissenters, from the Revolution in 1688, to the Year 1808 by David Bogue, James Bennett (1809)
"... Did not comply, till the battle of Boyne; So Sherlock the younger, still made it a question, Which side he would take, till the battle of Preston. ..."

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