Definition of Bavarian blue

1. Noun. Blue cheese of Bavaria.

Generic synonyms: Bleu, Blue Cheese

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Literary usage of Bavarian blue

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Report of the Annual Meeting (1896)
"bavarian blue DSF. Sodium salt of diphenylamine blue-di- and tri-sulphonic acid. S. and J. 299. 19. Alkali Blue D. Sodium salt of diphenylamine blue-mono- ..."

2. Manual of Chemical Technology by Johannes Rudolf Wagner (1904)
"When rendered soluble by treatment with concentrated sulphuric acid the sodium salts are sold as alkali blue Z>, and bavarian blue DS F. According to ..."

3. Chemistry of Pulp and Paper Making by Edwin Sutermeister (1920)
"Any water-soluble aniline blue, as methylene blue, may be used in place of Bavarian blue. 1 Okell: Paper, April n, 1917, 20. 2 Clark and Durgin: Paper, 22, ..."

4. The Politics of Law and Order: A History of the Bavarian Einwohnerwehr, 1918 by David Clay Large (1980)
"This man obviously would have liked to paint the whole world bavarian blue.116 The tradition of the civilian shooting festival was revived by the ..."

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